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Hotel & Food Services


Local Equity's founder Dr. Gil Keinan is a hotel industry veteran. He is also the founder of HObsequio Group. Dr. Keinan's experience covers over two decades in luxury hotel management, start-up technology, and hotel asset investment with top private equity & REIT fund management. Before starting Local Equity and HObsequio Group, Dr. Keinan had oversight over more than $1.5B Hotel AUM and was involved in +$1B hotel equity and debt transactions.

HObsequio Group has a strong network of connections within the industry and with the larger brands and management companies. We successfully mastered relationships with local, county, state and federal government agencies, and understand how to position & navigate successful Private-Public Partnerships to maximize value from tax increment financing, tax credits, Opportunity Zones, grants, and other public incentives. 

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Potential Development of a Food lab 

Potential Development of a Food lab concept in Fresno.

Sixty percent of restaurants do not make it past their first year and eighty percent go out of business in five years. The goal of this project is to build minority food entrepreneurs so that they can run their businesses successfully. To do this, we aim to identify talent in the local informal economy, and teach them how to join the formal economy by registering the business, scaling, employing staff, producing a successful product, and scaling their sales. By understanding and providing crucial business and marketing skills, such entrepreneurs will be able to operate effectively and efficiently. An additional benefit of this program is the purposeful impact to a low-income neighborhood in an Opportunity Zone to create a food culture and elevate the quality of life for its residents.

The proposed project will create a space and programmatic support that will be used to help local food entrepreneurs further develop their culinary skills and boost their business endeavors. They will have the ability to rent out the commercial kitchen space at a low rate where they can prep their product and be able to have a stand in the general food hall. Entrepreneurs will be chosen to join an annual cohort of 5 to 6 companies who will be provided free tutoring and discounted access to the kitchen and to rent storefront space. The program will run for 12-18 months where they would be given the opportunity to build their business and prepare to continue elsewhere. Chosen individuals will build upon their culinary and food industry skills, learn about important business operations like how to market and brand their product, and connect with potential clients and investors to expand or launch their business. They will have access to a commercial kitchen, training/mentorship with professionals in the food industry, workshops, and events to gain exposure to the public and investors. Once they are able to successfully complete this program, they will have the necessary skills to start their local business within the community and continue to thrive. This effort is expected to attract more business activity into a currently distressed area of Fresno, resulting in employment and revitalization of the food industry.

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