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Local Equity's expediting department works in select cities only. Expedited Processing (EP) provides developers with a more efficient alternative for processing planning entitlement applications. Using EP reduces the time it takes to advance a case to a hearing or decision maker by 30 to 50 percent. Only certain types of projects qualify for EP services.

Prior to filing, applicants must submit a Pre-Intake Consultation form to verify eligibility. Local Equity's focus is on non-residential (hotels, office, schools, medical, commercial, and industrial) projects. 

Our team believes that every community has its unique needs, and developers may reduce idle time by customization of their approach on a local level.

When needed, our network of engineers, architects, environmental consultants, traffic engineers, and more, gives us access to unparalleled benchmark data. The team knows how to navigate complicated projects including easement, utility, and other ​encumbrances. 

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